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1 Day in Helsinki: My Wheelchair Accessible Finnish Adventure

By If you have been following along with my travels for a while, then you may re member that I visited Helsinki for the first time… Read More 5 Wheelchair Accessible Places to Visit in Helsinki, Finland.

By Helsinki

is a fantastic city with endless scenic views and green parks.
The best part is that it is wheelchair accessible.
Many taxis in the… Read More Experiencing Finnish Sauna as a Wheelchair User.

By In Finland

sauna is simply a way of life and a must-do for any visitors to this Nordic country.
To give you an idea… Read More How to Get Around Helsinki, Finland in a Wheelchair.
By Helsinki.

The charming capital of Finland

is this Nordic country’s most exciting and accessible destination.
I know this because I recently traveled there myself… 35 51 Read More , , ,.

My Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip to the Medieval City of Tallinn

By While researching for my recent visit to Finland, .

I saw that day trips from Helsinki were quite popular

Helsinki is in a fantastic l ocation… Read More What I Packed for My Winter Trip to Finland to Keep Warm.
By For my recent trip to Finland for the #HelsinkiSecret Residence, I was unsure of what all I should take to try and keep warm….
Read More Accessible Winter Fun at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress in Helsinki.

By Snow covered cobblestones

Beauty around every corner.
I can feel the history that lives on this island as my wheelchair bumps along the path….
Read More On a Wheelchair Accessible Sightseeing Tour in Helsinki, Finland.
By I just returned from an unbelievable week in Helsinki, .

Finland and I’ve been reminiscing about what all I did while there

As you may… Read More Why I’m Excited to Visit Helsinki, .

Finland in the Middle of Winter in a Wheelchair

By At the end of this month (January 31st to be exact), I’ll be headed to Helsinki, .

Finland and I couldn’t be more excited

It’s a… Read More.

A Wheelchair Friendly Travel Guide to Copenhagen

, , , How to Get Around Copenhagen, Denmark in a Wheelchair.
By Copenhagen is a truly remarkable city, and I know that because I just got back a few weeks ago from my first visit to… 28 Read More , , , A Wheelchair Friendly Travel Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark.
By I recently went on a weeklong cruise around Scandinavia and Russia with my mom and my friend Sylvia of Spin the Globe.

We were… 167 24 191 Read More

Moscow: Now a World-Class Destination

Moscow: Now a World-Class Destination .
October 2, 2016 by 6 Comments Moscow may not yet be considered one of the top 10 destination cities in Europe for tourist travelers but it is well on its way to becoming one of its most fascinating destinations .
We recently visited Moscow at the end of a marvelous and eye-opening cruise, Waterways of the Tsars with Viking River Cruises .

We toured St….  Read More » Filed Under:

, , , Tagged With: city, , destination, , , , , To Russia with Love ~ Cruising Russia with Viking River Cruises.
August 21, .

2016 by 4 Comments TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE … Cruising from St

Petersburg to Moscow with Viking River Cruises Why should you go to Russia?  You may well have some concerns … Is the country safe enough?   How would you communicate where little English is spoken?  What is the best way to travel in this vast country?  Do the Russian…  Read More » Filed Under : , , , , Tagged With: , , , , , GRAND CAFÉ DR.

ZHIVAGO … A Favorite of Moscow’s new elite

August 16, .

2016 by 4 Comments MOSCOW … Birthday Luncheon at the Ultra-Modern Grand Café Dr

Zhivago The home turf of the new Russian elite

Moscow, is seeing more and more elite establishments opening up to cater to their discriminating needs.  Plus there is an explosive interest in sourcing locally and focusing on the best of Russia.  One of these “new…  Read More » Filed Under: , , , , , Tagged With: , , , , , , , , zhivago.
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Our hides

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Our hides.
Our hides.
Red cabin.
In Norway mountainous landscapes we offer you a stay in our red cabin just short walks from a comfortable photo hide for Golden Eagles, Siberian Jays and Ravens.
At this high altitude, .

Every year we… Read More » Alstad

Goshawk Hide We have one hide at the place with room for two photographers

The hide is comfortable with heating system for cold days.
The hide is situated in a forest.
Each photographer have place… Read More » [email protected].