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the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI)

» » IMF Meeting Participants Praised Indonesia IMF Meeting Participants Praised Indonesia’s success as a Host IMF Meeting Participants Praised Indonesia’s success as a Host IMF Meeting Participants Praised Indonesia’s success as a Host.
Posted on by • 1 Comment IMF Meeting Participants Praised Indonesia’s success as a Host.
BALI NEWS: The participants of the 2018 IMF-WB Annual Meeting have appreciated and praised Indonesia.

This praises for achievements as a host of the IMF Meeting in Nusa Dua

It has reflected from the spirit of sharing, hospitality, and resilience, to a good response in the face of disasters. It was raised in a press conference with the national committee and the IMF – World Bank on Sunday (10/14/2018) in Bali.

Present at the press conference was the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs

Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.
And also, the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI), Perry Warjiyo, Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, and World Bank Chair, Jim Yong Kim.
Moreover, .

Christine Lagarde was delivered this abundant praise

According to him, .

Indonesia has started this extraordinary achievement from 3 years ago

The IMF choose this country from many candidates to host the 2018 IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting.

A Forgettable Memory to Visit Lombok Island

A memorable one for him was a visit to Lombok

And also he has visited a coral reef planting activity in Nusa Dua

Moreover, .

A speech from the President of the Republic of Indonesia that impressed the whole world

Not to forget, .

A smiling welcome from the Indonesian people

The local people are very generous and friendly, cannot be forgotten.
In addition, the World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim has expressed admiration for how Indonesians are able to respond to disasters very well.
Meanwhile, the country is still carrying out large-scale international activities with no less good value. He has said “with the current world situation, the main problem is the lack of solidarity.

Indonesia has reminded and inspired the importance of solidarity

No one, even the poorest, should be forgotten.” On the same occasion, the World Bank is committing to support the recovery of disaster areas in Lombok and Sulawesi.
Successful Handling of World-class Events.
It is one of Indonesia’s successes on an international event during President Joko Widodo lead this country.
He just leads since 4 last years.

It is reminding that Indonesia has just successes to host the Asian Games in Jakarta

The other sides, .

Local people expect to increase of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia after this event

Moreover, enhancement from the MICE business since the country has succeeded to host the world-class MICE event.
Student Trip and CSR program, instead of IMF meeting.
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Nusa Ceningan is best reached from Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Ceningan, Bali – Guide and Accommodation s.
’s little sister, Ceningan, has much more to offer than its size suggests.
Besides the many things to discover, there are also good accommodations to choose from .
Despite being a tiny island nestled in Indonesia.

Nusa Ceningan boasts a whole host of exciting adventures

stunning views and beautiful beaches.
Whether you’re a beach-bum or an avid surfer, head to paradise island and get your fix.-> Jump to Best accommodation s in Nusa CeninganNusa Ceningan.

Photo by Aussie AssaultNusa Ceningan is an island just off Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia

The two islands are connected by a famous yellow bridge, barely wide enough to fit two lanes of moped traffic.
This smaller island is often overlooked but has so much going for it.
It is not o be missed if one is visiting the Nusa Islands.
Ceningan Scenery.
Photo by Dennis Keller Where to Stay.

There are some beautiful and cozy accommodation options on Nusa Ceningan

You will find the options here more affordable than the ubiquitous luxurious hotels in Nusa Lembongan .
You will be surprise to find yourself in a private paradise with only mid-range prices (50 – 100 USD) such as:Svaha Private Villas Ceningan These beachfront villas come with a mix of modernity with the traditional Balinese style.
They come with private pools and stunning views .
With top rated service, these villas are arguably the best on this island.
Check out the latest prices on * Check out the latest prices on *The Bridge Huts If you’re looking for a bungalow hut experience, here is the place for you.
Charming privates huts with world class swimming pool, it is the best mix of both worlds .
Check out the latest prices on *The Palms Ceningan Hotel Complete with an infinity pool and plenty of peace and quiet.
This is one of the most popular hotel this little island.

The Palms Ceningan Hotel *Le Pirate Beach Club Another popular hotel in Nusa Ceningan

this is the ultimate getaway if you’re after a huge pool, delicious beach-side cocktails and great views.
Check out the latest prices on *For those on a budget, best places to stay are the Secret Point Huts, Yellow Bridge Guesthouse * and The Dafish Accommodation Bar & Cafe *.
What to Do.
We suggest staying here for a few days, to really give yourself time to get into the swing of the island life.
During your visit, make the most of the island by exploring all that it has to offer.
Relax and Unwind.

The beaches around Nusa Ceningan are beautiful – picture white sand

palm trees and sparkling azure water.
There are plenty of hotels with pools that you can use, normally for a small outside-guest fee.
Swim in the ocean and admire the crystal-clear waters, or rent a snorkel and get in touch with the marine wildlife.
Bridge to Ceningan.
Photo by Aussie Assault.
Blue Lagoon and Mahana Cliff.
The Blue Lagoon is a sight you may be familiar with if you follow any Indonesia-based Instagram accounts.
These blue waters are absolutely stunning and well worth a trip.
For the braver among you, visit Mahana Cliff – the famous cliff-jump spot on the island.
The waters are generally safe (make sure you don’t go alone though!) and the views are amazing.
Dive Deep.
Whether you’re new to the wonder of scuba or already have several qualifications under your (weight) belt, .

The waters around Ceningan have to be explored

Join the team at Ceningan Divers and experience the ocean in the best way possible

Island Views.
Photo by Aussie Assualt.
Take a Hike.

Nusa Ceningan is natural beauty defined

This island is covered in lush greenery, with plenty of local wildlife to spot.
Spend a day hiking through the jungle and get lost in the wonderful world of Indonesian nature.
Be sure to take plenty of water and sunscreen though, it gets very hot!Yoga.
Yoga is one of those things that is always spiritual and incredible, so imagine that with stunning views in the most serene environment.

Head to Ceningan Yoga Shala for a truly magical experience

This little zen-den is home to great classes for all abilities, and offers the perfect blend of uplifting, energizing and soothing.
Ceningan Views.
Photo by Selamat Made.
Seaweed Farming.
Yes, you hear that right.
Ceningan’s south-side is home to seaweed farms and is a very popular trade with locals on the island.
Head down to watch them hard at work, or offer to join in or simply soak in the local everyday life.
As always, eating is a huge part of the culture when traveling through Indonesia.
Ceningan is home to a huge array of eateries, ranging from traditional ‘warungs’ (picture roadside stalls serving delicious local food) to Western-style restaurants.
For tasty Indonesia treats, head to The Dungki Bendega Resto and indulge yourself.
Those craving a taste of home should make their way to Next Level, home to pizzas, Aussie-style smoothie bowls and fresh salads.
Kill two birds with one stone and grab some delicious food while taking in the views at Ceningan Cliff Restaurant.
Day Trips.
If you have time, why not hop over to a nearby island for a day or two.

The trio islands of Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are all well-linked and boat rides are cheap and easy to sort out.
Bali isn’t too far, either, but we’d suggest giving yourself some time out to relax among these three paradise islands.
Nusa Lembongan.
Photo by Aussie Assualt.

Nusa Lembongan Whether you visit Lembongan on your way to or from Ceningan

give yourself a few days to fully explore it.
There’s some incredible surf, great little spas and delicious food.

Lembongan offers a good mid-point between busier Bali and quiet little Ceningan

Rent a moped and zip around – there are so many lovely beaches and hikes that you can enjoy!-> Read What to Do and Where to Stay in Nusa LembonganNusa Penida This island is bigger than Lembongan and Ceningan, and has a lot more going on.
Head here for a day and soak up the hustle and bustle of island life.
Go diving, take a trip to the stunning Pasih Uwug or just enjoy the beauty around you.
was to be one of the most photographed areas of Indonesia, and there’s a reason for it.
Head here and see for yourself.-> See Top 10 Things to Do on Nusa PenidaNusa Penida.
Photo by Anastasia R.
Why visit.
For anyone seeking that perfect paradise life – lazing beach days, salty hair and sunshine – Ceningan is probably the ultimate destination.
Popular Bali is beautiful but can sometimes lack the serenity that this tiny island offers.
Nusa Ceningan is the perfect place for taking a break from it all and just enjoying the natural beauty that this world has to offer.
Switch off, tune in and enjoy.
How to Get There.
Nusa Ceningan is best reached from Nusa Lembongan, via the famous bridge.
We’d suggest heading to Lembongan for a day or two before nipping across the bridge to Ceningan.
To get to Lembongan, fly into Bali and take a fast boat from one of the main ports there.
Sanur is one of the biggest harbors in Bali, and is a 30-40 minute drive away from Bali’s airport.
From there, a boat will take you around 30 minutes, with the price varying with each boat company and season you visit in.
Once you’re in Lembongan, hop on a moped and drive on over!Related articles: Nusa Lembongan – What to do and Where to stay Nusa Dua Bali – Accommodations and things to do Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida Leave a Reply Cancel reply Required fields are marked Name Email you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
Nusa Ceningan, Bali – Guide and Accommodations.