Camp America Camp Directors Recruitment Fair

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Turn Up, Get Hired.

Camp America Camp Directors Fair

Get Placed on the Day – Choice of 26 Camps

Camp Directors fly from America to hire Kiwis

You could be one of them.
Last year nearly everyone who attended got placed.

25 Camps are here in Auckland to Hire Kiwis

One Day Only!.
We Make It Easy!.
Apply online to Camp America before January 7th to be a VIP on the day and meet the Camps first, or apply in person on the day then see camps.
Research the camps – do your homework.
It’s your chance to decide between 25 camps.

Meet the Camps from America here in Auckland  – make a great impression

You could walk away with a camp placement on the day – sorted!.
Camp America Camp Directors Recruitment Fair.

Spencer and Byron Hotel – Takapuna

Hiring from 12-4pm.
If you have not applied to Camp America before January 7th  – you can apply on the day and then see the camps after an information session and paying your application fee.  See if the camps coming are searching for someone like you.
Book your spot.
Enter the draw to become the Ultimate VIP on the day!.
Otherwise – apply online as normal and many other camps will have the chance to hire you!.
Camp Directors love hiring Kiwi staff and they want to meet you to find out how awesome you are!.
Camp America is bringing some of our favourite American Camp Directors to Auckland (from America) for one day only. Each year Camps come to New Zealand to hire awesome Kiwis like you.
They like to handpick in person their specialist counselor roles like watersports, tennis, golf, soccer, horse riding, waterskiing, wakeboarding, trip leaders, and lifeguards.
If you make a good impression and you have the skills they are looking for – you’ll likely be offered a position on the spot.

These are some of the best camps in America

and we know them well enough now to know what they look for, so we can help you decide if it’s worth a trip to Auckland if you live miles away.
Which Camps?.
Check out the camps attending this year.
©️Camp America NZ 2020 Download the Fair Booklet and Research the Camps coming down to NZ.

Getting there from out of town – Camp America Airport Shuttle

We have a Camp America Shuttle leaving Auckland Airport at 10am & one at 10:10am the day to the venue – and returning you to the airport by 6pm.
Book your flights around these times and you can hitch a ride on the Camp America Directors Fair Shuttle.
($35 return).
Book The Bus.

Camp Directors Recruitment Fair Book as a VIP Camp Directors Fair

Book Now Camp Directors Fair.
Camps in NZ.

Camp Directors Fair Ultimate VIP for the day

Book Transfers Camp Directors Fair

Phone: Email: [email protected].

the NZ recruitment office of Camp America

Who is Camp America Who is Camp America?

Who Are We?.

Camp America is the original camp counsellor programme

and the biggest and best known summer work experience programme in the world.
Every year over 10,000 people from all over the world travel to America to work as a camp counselor with Camp America .
This year you could be one of them.
Camp America has been sending people to camp for 40 years because we’ve been around since 1969 ‚ – way before most of you were even born.
Here in New Zealand you’ll be dealing with International Working Holidays (IWH) in Auckland, the NZ recruitment office of Camp America.
International Working Holiday s organises various cultural exchange programs to the USA and we have the experience and know-how to get you started on the working holiday adventure of a lifetime.
Contact us now or for information on other programmes offered in NZ go to International Working Holidays.
Who is Camp America .
Who is Camp America .

Phone: Email: [email protected]

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