Capital One Venture Card Review: $500 Off Your Next Vacation With This 50,000 Mile Offer

Want a guaranteed $500 off your next vacation? The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card is a super easy way to make that happen!
You’ll earn 50,000 Capital One Venture miles (worth $500 in travel) after completing the minimum spending requirements on the card.  You can use Venture miles for practically ANY travel purchase, like airfare, hotels, and rental cars.  You can even use them for things that other miles & points don’t often cover, like Airbnb stays and Uber rides!
Or, you can transfer your miles to 15 airline partners where they’re potentially worth much more toward award travel.  In most cases, you’ll get a 2:1.5 transfer ratio, so it’s like earning 1.5 airline miles per $1 spent!
You can apply for the Capital One Venture credit card here.
Use the Capital One Venture Bonus for a Weekend at Gagliardi Boutique Hotel in Noto, Italy
Capital One Venture Bonus
Apply Here:  Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Venture card comes with 50,000 Venture miles after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months.  Because each Venture mile is worth 1 cent each, this bonus is worth at least $500 in travel, and potentially more when you transfer to one of 14 airline partners!
The card comes with a $95 annual fee, waived the first year.
Benefits and Perks of the Capital One Venture
The Capital One Venture has ongoing benefits that can be reason enough to keep the card year after year.
Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Credit
I love that this card reimburses you for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.  Global Entry is fantastic because it can save you lots of time by getting you quickly through US Customs and Immigration when you return to the US from abroad.
And once you’re approved for Global Entry, you’ll usually get access to the TSA PreCheck security line when traveling domestically.  So you won’t have to take off your shoes or dump out your computer bag when you go through the security checkpoint!
TSA PreCheck Can Help You Traverse the Security Line Quicker and More Efficiently
10 Venture Miles per $1 at
Through January 31, 2020, you’ll earn 10 Venture miles per $1 you spend on hotel stays booked and paid for with your card through this link.
Because Venture miles are worth1 cent each, you’ll effectively receive 10% back on all your hotel stays!  Plus, you can combine this deal with the Rewards program.  So you’ll still be able to earn every 10th night booked with free, in addition to the 10% you can earn with your Capital One Venture card!
This is a feature you won’t find on ANY other card except the Capital One Venture branded cards.  And it’s a good one.
The downfall with this perk is that you won’t earn hotel points or elite night credits for your stay.  And if you have any hotel elite status, the hotel won’t recognize it.  To receive those perks, you must book directly with the hotel (not through
Rental Car Insurance
The Capital One Venture offers secondary car insurance against collision or theft.  Secondary coverage means your personal or business car insurance company pays first.  You’ll have to pay your insurance deductible but this benefit could still save you lots!
Travel Accident Insurance
You can receive up to $250,000 insurance for accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing during a trip you paid for with the Capital One Venture.
Lost Luggage Insurance
You’ll be compensated up to $3,000 per trip when your luggage is lost from theft or misdirection by the airline, cruise, etc.
Is the Capital One Venture Worth the Annual Fee?
I opened the Capital One Venture a couple years ago, and I had an absolute BLAST with the sign-up bonus.  I used part of the bonus ordering extravagant room service in Dubai.  And I used the rest to book a tree house in Barbados through Airbnb.
3 Nights In a Tree House Cost Me ~40,000 Venture Miles (Joseph Hostetler / MMS)
Whether it makes sense for you to keep the card year after year will vary from person to person.  Because we all have different travel styles and spending habits.
In my mind, this question really hinges on one matter: Do you already have other travel credit cards?  The Capital One Venture doesn’t come with many unique travel perks (though it has a couple).  If you’ve been involved in the miles & points hobby for a while, it’s very probable that you already own a card with these same benefits.
For example, if you frequently use to book your hotel stays, this card could be a no-brainer for you.   Because you’ll earn 10 Venture miles per $1 you spend on hotel stays booked and paid for with your card through this link.
The Capital One Venture isn’t terribly difficult to qualify for.  Just make sure your credit score is 700+, and you should have a good chance of being approved.
In general, we don’t recommend anyone apply for travel rewards cards unless your credit score is above 700.  If it’s not, that’s totally fine!  Just take some time to show it the love it needs to breach 700, and you’ll be traveling for free in no time.
Just note that Capital One will NOT process more than 1 application per 6 months.  So, for example, if you’ve applied for the Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card a couple months ago, you’ll need to wait a few more months to open the Capital One Venture.
Note:   When you apply for a Capital One card, they request your credit from ALL 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).  Which could temporarily make it a little more difficult to open other cards in the near future.
How to Earn Capital One Venture Miles
Because you earn a flat 2 Venture miles per $1 spent, this card effectively earns 2% back toward travel.  So you’re guaranteed to earn 2 cents towards travel for every $1 you spend.  That’s not the case with lots of other cards!
You Could Use 30,000 Venture Miles for a Night at Mi Amor Boutique Hotel in Mexico
Or, you can transfer your miles to most partners at a 2:1.5 ratio.  So it’s like earning 1.5 airline miles per $1 spent.
For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card earns1 Chase Ultimate Rewards point per $1 on non-bonus spending.  They’re worth 1.25 cents each when you book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal.  And all of Chase’s partners have a 1:1 transfer ratio.
If you don’t like messing bonus categories, the Capital One Venture is up your alley.
How to Use Capital One Venture Miles
There are two main ways that you can use your Capital One Venture Miles once you earn them through the sign-up bonus.
Erase Nearly Any Travel Purchase
Capital One Venture miles are worth 1 cent each.  You can use your miles for nearly any travel purchase, like taxi rides, hotels, room service, and free flights.  And you don’t even have to worry about searching for available award seats or hotel nights!
To redeem your miles for travel, just buy travel like you normally would with your card.  Then, you have 90 days to sign into your online account, find the travel purchase, and “erase” it with your miles!
If You Take Uber, Lyft, or Taxis a Lot, Use Capital One Venture Miles to Erase the Transactions
You also have the option to book travel with your miles instead of purchasing your travel and erasing it later.  You’ll find this option after signing into your account.  If you use the portal, there is no minimum miles requirement to book.
Whether you choose to redeem your points this way or by erasing your purchase later, you’ll still get a value of 1 cent per point.
Transfer to 15 Airline Partners
You have 15 airline transfer options with the Capital One Venture card:

Air Canada (Aeroplan)
Air France & KLM (Flying Blue)
Cathay Pacific
Hainan Airlines
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines

The transfer ratio is 2:1.5, so you’ll get 1.5 airline miles for every 2 Venture miles you transfer.
The exceptions are Emirates and Singapore Airlines, which have a 2:1 transfer ratio, so you’ll get 1 airline mile for every 2 Venture miles.
Because you earn 2X miles per $1 spent with the Capital One Venture card, it’s effectively like earning 1.5 airline miles per $1 if you transfer your miles (or 1 mile per $1 spent in the case of Emirates and Singapore Airlines).
You Can Use Flying Blue or Singapore Airlines Miles for Cheap Flights to Hawaii! (Joseph Hostetler / MMS)
Having this option gives you dozens of new ways to redeem Venture miles. 
Some of these partners, like Air Canada, Flying Blue, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines, can make your Venture miles extra valuable!
Does the Capital One Venture Have a Foreign Transaction Fee?
Credit Cards Similar to the Capital One Venture
Read our review of the Barclaycard Arrival Plus
A card with similar benefits and reward earning structure is the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard.  You’ll earn 2 Arrival miles per $1 you spend with your card.  And because Arrival miles are worth 1 cent each, this card earns effectively 2% back towards travel, just like the Capital One Venture.
However, to redeem your miles for travel purchases, each transaction will need to be at least $100 (or 10,000 Arrival miles).  That means if you take a $40 Uber ride, you will NOT be able to redeem Arrival miles for the purchase.
The Capital One Venture doesn’t have this restriction.  There is NO minimum redemption increment when redeeming miles.  Unless you’re using miles to partially pay for a travel purchase, in which case the minimum amount is 2,500 Venture miles ($25).
Bottom Line
The Capital One Venture offers 50,000 Venture miles (worth $500 in travel) after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.
This is an excellent card for folks who want free travel without worrying about blackout dates.  You can use your miles to book nearly ANY travel purchase.  So if you find yourself staying at boutique hotels that don’t have a loyalty program, or if you prefer a flat earning rate without juggling bonus categories, this card is what you’ve been looking for.
Or you can transfer the miles you earn to 14 airline partners, most of which have a 2:1.5 transfer ratio.  So it’s like earning 1.5 airline miles (in most cases) per $1 spent.  Depending how you redeem them, you can potentially get much more value from your Venture miles.
The $95 annual fee is waived the first year and it has NO foreign transaction fees.  So it’s an excellent card to use internationally.
You can apply here for the Capital One Venture.
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Is the Capital One Venture Worth It? ONLY If You Want a Guaranteed $500 Off Your Next Trip

I have the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card.  I’ve used the Capital One miles I’ve earned to dramatically reduce my expenses during fun vacations, like trips to the Caribbean and Dubai.  The card collects some of the most useful credit card rewards EVER.
When you’re deciding whether you should open a travel credit card, oftentimes the answer is…it depends.  It depends on your travel style, it depends on your travel goals, it depends on your home airport.  The Capital One Venture is perhaps the least “it depends” card out there.  If you want to travel, this card will guarantee you’ll save hundreds of dollars.
I’ll show you why!
The Capital One Venture is worth it – I received FREE afternoon tea (a value of ~$160) at the top of the Burj Al Arab with Capital One miles
Is the Capital One Venture Worth It?
Apply Here:   Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card
Read our review of the Capital One Venture

ABSOLUTELY the Capital One Venture is worth opening.  Here are the 2 main reasons:

The card is COMPLETELY FREE for 12 months (its $95 annual fee is waived the first year)
You’ll receive 50,000 bonus miles ($500 in travel) after you spend $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening

In other words, Capital One will pay for $500 worth of your upcoming travel.  And there’s NO catch.  They’re just giving you $500 when you meet the minimum spending requirements.
As a matter of fact, you’ll have 56,000 Capital One miles ($560 in travel) after you meet the spending requirement, because the card earns a flat 2 miles for every purchase!  If you don’t think you can meet the minimum spending requirement, check out this post to see how easy it can be.
Here’s a list of popular purchases for which you can redeem Capital One miles:

Hotels (including boutique and independent hotels)
Car rentals
Cruise lines
Hotel meals (when charged to your hotel room, including Disney hotels)
Lyft and Uber
Disney World tickets or other park tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist

You can also transfer your miles to a bunch of different airlines, though honestly I’m not a fan of using them this way.  Capital One miles are worth 1 cent each when you redeem them for travel, and it’s difficult to get a value greater than that by transferring them to airlines.  That said, the best transfer partners are:

Air Canada (Aeroplan)
Air France & KLM (Flying Blue)
Singapore Airlines

You can read more about transferring Capital One miles to airlines here.
Still Not Convinced?
The Capital One Venture has other benefits that sweeten the pot a little more.
Tons of Bonus Miles Through
Through January 31, 2020, you’ll earn 10 Venture miles per $1 you spend on hotel stays booked and paid for with your card through this link.
Because Capital One miles are worth 1 cent each, you’ll effectively receive 10% back on your hotel stays.  Plus, you can combine this deal with the Rewards program, which gives you every 10th night booked with free, in addition to the 10% you can earn with your Capital One Venture!
Exclusive Perks at Airport Security Checkpoints
The card also comes with a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit (worth up to $100).  Global Entry saves you lots of time by getting you quickly through US Customs and Immigration when you return to the US from abroad.
When you enroll in Global Entry, you’ll also receive a membership to TSA PreCheck, which allows you to keep your shoes and jacket on when you go through airport security.  You don’t even have to take your laptop and toiletries out of your carry-on!
Let me know if you think the Capital One Venture is worth opening!  And subscribe to our newsletter to get the details on more miles & points deals:


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