10 Best Cities to Visit in the US in 2019

America is a vast, incredibly diverse country. When you visit America, it is nearly impossible to get the full American experience unless you visit every state in the nation. American culture, traditions, accents, landscape, and climate differ from one state to the next. When planning a trip to America, it is best to identify exactly what kind of experience you want to have before settling on any one city or area.
If what you’re craving is the sandy beach, tons of sun, and a laid back vibe, San Diego in Southern California is your best bet. If you want the same kind of beach vacation but with a lively and diverse nightlife, Miami, Florida is where it’s at. Maybe you are a history buff, and you are itching to dig into American history. If learning more about colonial America is your thing, New England is a great place to start. If the history you seek is more deeply rooted, look into the American southwest, where you can experience Native American culture and history that is thousands of years old.
If you aren’t quite sure which of the 50 states you want to start in, take a gander at this list of 10 US cities worth considering visiting. This just might inspire your next great American adventure.
1. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe, the smaller of the two largest New Mexico cities, has something unique and almost magical about it. The adobe houses are expertly hidden by the natural terrain; the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, that rise up proudly from the desert are a great ski locale; and the mix of desert and forest is a sight to behold.
Santa Fe is rich with Spanish and Native American culture and how best to experience that than with a tour of the Loretto Chapel, with its beautiful and mysterious staircase. Round out your trip with some authentic Mexican cuisine and some wine from the many local wineries.
Farolitos on the Loretto Hotel Brent 1 – Shutterstock

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We Reveal Our 6 Expert Tips to Travel Easier & Save Money

The talented team here at Million Mile Secrets has gone on hundreds (if not thousands!) of flights over the years, and traveling is our passion.  We’ve gone to US National Parks, Southeast Asia, flown on Southwest Airlines, and on Singapore Airlines First Class.  Here are some of our favorite tips for easier, faster travel.
I Love Having a Stash of Points to Book Flights for My Mom
6 Tips to Travel Easier & Save Money
1.   Build up a stash of points for airline travel.
Airfare usually makes up the biggest cost of travel, so start building a stash of points that you can redeem for travel.  My favorite credit card for newbies starting to collect miles & points is the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.  You can earn 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That’s $625 in travel when you redeem through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal — with no blackout dates!
I Flew to Hawaii for Just $22 By Using Points I Earned From Credit Cards
2.   Get TSA PreCheck or Global Entry
Just knowing that I don’t have to take off my shoes and laptop takes a big load off my shoulders (especially now that I have to carry around a baby)!  These credit cards will reimburse the cost of Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.
I Can Usually Fly Through Security With TSA PreCheck
3.   If you regularly check luggage, get a credit card that gives you free checked bags
Now that I have a family, I have to travel with more things, which means more checked luggage.  I’m a huge Southwest Airlines fan, so I usually don’t have to worry about paying extra baggage fees.  If you travel a lot (more than 2-3x per year) and regularly pay for luggage, then it might make sense to get a credit card that gives you 1 free checked bag.
Don’t Pay for Bags If You Don’t Have To
4.   Lounge access isn’t just for business travelers
I love having the option to escape into a lounge if I’ll be waiting in the airport for more than ~30 minutes.  There are several credit cards that include lounge access.  Airline lounges are usually stocked with coffee, tea, soda, and juice.  At some lounges, you can get small meals of soup or sandwiches.  The American Airlines lounge has served fresh guacamole & chips for guests, and is experimenting with made to order crepes as well.  And usually the Wi-Fi is much better than what you’ll get outside of the lounge.
Kids and Adults Both Love to Relax in Lounges Between Flights
5.  If you have a regular travel partner, get the Southwest Companion Pass — the best deal in travel!
If you have a friend or family member that you regularly travel with, consider getting the Southwest Companion Pass.  I’ve saved thousands of dollars in travel over the last several years with this perk.  My partner and I have taken a family trip to San Diego, an anniversary trip to Costa Rica, and many more trips around the US to visit family and friends.
6.   International travelers should use a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.
Many credit cards can charge up to ~3% extra for using them overseas.  Even if you take just 1 trip a year overseas, having a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees will save you money.
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10 Destinations For Wine Tours Around The World

A memorable wine vacation is more than just sipping on the varietal of your choice. It’s all about the location, the gorgeous views, the breathtaking landscapes, a vineyard staff that goes above and beyond to accommodate its guests, and delicious food. We’ve ranked the 10 best wine destinations across the globe that every vino lover should add to their bucket list.
1. Florence, Italy
You can’t mention the best wine destinations without thinking of Florence. If the private and intimate tours don’t win you over, you’ll be amazed by the sweeping views of the hills and the magnificent architecture. Once you take a sip of Chianti Classico, the deep red wine the city is known for, you’ll never want to leave!

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