14 Things to See and Do in Belarus

Looking to experience a beautiful country with a welcoming culture? Then head to Belarus, the Eastern European country that’s ready to provide you with the trip of a lifetime. Sure, you might not consider Belarus a natural destination, but there are tons of reasons to spend a few days in this gorgeous country. First and foremost, it’s cheap. One Belarusian ruble is worth about 50 cents, which means your dollar goes a long way. Beyond the economic benefits, nature enthusiasts will find a lot to love in Belarus’ sprawling countryside. Spa lovers will find no end of options. The fortresses and castles are enough to captivate any historical buff. The real problem with a trip to Belarus is deciding how to whittle down all your options to a reasonable vacation. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and pinpointed the best ways to spend your time on a trip to this charming nation in Eastern Europe.
1. Braslav Lake
The region of Braslav Lake is a naturalist’s dream. More than 300 lakes dot the area, comprising a phenomenon known as the “Blue Necklace” of Belarus. There are plenty of fish and birds to chase after across this region which was created in the aftermath of an ancient glacier.

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