This Las Vegas hotel is building 70-foot dome to host year-round pool parties

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Las Vegas never lacks for imagination, and today’s announcement follows a long line of “only in Vegas” developments: Vegas engineers have now figured out how to keep the pool parties bumping throughout the year.
Normally, if you head to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl weekend or, really, any trip during the spring, winter or fall, the rite of passage that is attending a pool “day club” party is probably beyond your reach.
The summer may bring scorching temperatures exceeding 100 degrees to the Las Vegas area but, believe it or not, it actually gets chilly for a majority of the year. That’s why the pool parties that are hopping throughout the summer all close for the fall and winter months — or at least, they used to.
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Next weekend, the KAOS pool party at the Palms Casino will close, marking the end of the season, but instead of staying shuttered until April or May, it will reopen on Halloween under a climate-controlled dome for a massive party with Cardi B.
KAOS Dome in Las Vegas Image courtesy of The Palms)
At 70-feet high, new KAOS Dome will be the largest of its kind in Las Vegas, covering 33,000 square feet of “outdoor” pool space, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. With it, the pool party will rock from fall until spring, regardless of weather. So, when it’s snowing outside (yes, that can happen in Vegas), you can still don your swimsuit by the pool or at one of the 15 cabanas (many with their own private pools) within the transparent structure.
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