12 Amazing Travel Accessories for Globetrotting Pets

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Every human knows they need to accessorize to make the most of their vacation, whether that means investing in a sturdy (and stylish) suitcase or splurging on a camera that will make your Instagram feed the envy of your friends and family.
Globetrotting pets are no different.
As the Points Pups intern, it was my duty to find some of the coolest — and most useful — pet travel accessories for the TPG office pups: Miles, Hootie, Swisher and Charlie (all members of the Barketing team).
In the name of journalism, I ordered a variety of products that promised to improve every traveling pet’s vacation. And a handful that just looked too cute to skip. Then, we let the Points Pups put them to the test. Some of the items sounded good in theory, while others were actually useful.
If you really want your pet to be an expert four-legged explorer, these are the pet travel accessories they need — and a few they don’t.
LED Dog Collar
Relax and stargaze by the campfire with your furry friend at your side. You’ll never lose sight of your pup when he or she is wearing one of these rechargeable LED Dog Collars. Your dog be easy to spot in the dark, and always ready for the next black light pawty.
Best for: I would recommend this collar for any free-range pup that will be attending an outdoor event, or trailblazing dogs that accompany their owner on camping trips. An LED Dog Collar may also be handy for evening walks on dark streets, keeping pets visible to passing cars.
ThunderShirt Anxiety Jacket
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how cute Hootie looks in his ThunderShirt? This anxiety-reducing jacket swaddles your pooch and creates an instant sense of calm. The jacket is great for minimizing travel-related anxiety, or for use during other nerve-racking events such as thunderstorms or firework shows.
Best for: We didn’t want to intentionally put Hootie in an anxiety-provoking situation (and there were no business reviews during our test). But if your pet is prone to panic attacks, definitely consider the vet-recommended, top-rated ThunderShirt.
Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket
If your dog is not a strong swimmer but loves to splash around in the pool with humans, invest in a doggie life jacket. This bright orange vest will keep your pet visible and safe, and has a set of handles on top so you can easily grab your doggie. Whether you have a Dachshund or a Great Dane, there’s a size for every dog.
Best for: I would absolutely recommend this life jacket for any water-loving pup. On my recent trip to Huntington Dog Beach for the Surf City Surf Dog Competition, all of the wake-riding doggies were wearing life jackets. The next time I travel to the ocean, or any body of water with strong currents, I won’t let my pup in the water without it.
LESYPET Pet Dog Umbrella

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When I saw this ridiculous-looking pet umbrella, I knew I had to have one for the Points Pups to try. Poor Miles volunteered as tribute on a rainy day in New York City. The umbrella is connected to a short metal chain that attaches to the collar, and a rod fixed to a handle for the dog walker to hold. The umbrella is made for small dogs, and probably wouldn’t be useful for a dog any bigger than Miles, who is a 30-pound, bulky French Bulldog.
Best for: This pet umbrella is good for brightening the mood of passersby suffering from rainy day blues (everyone who passed us smiled in response). And that’s about it. Miles was still wet after his walk, and the umbrella itself is quite awkward to hold over the pup. And although it didn’t bother Miles, many people reported that the umbrella outright terrified their dog.
Lumsing Pet Tent
Pack the this miniature pet tent to provide your pup with shelter and shade on your next camping trip. This adorable doggie tent has zippered doors and breathable mesh windows to prevent pesky mosquitos. The waterproof tent is easy to assemble and can be compactly stored in the provided carry bag.
Best for: This tent is a micro version of a human tent. It’s extremely cute (think: outdoorsy photo opportunities) and provides your pet with shade and privacy. It great for camping or, frankly, even just an especially sunny day out in the backyard.
Portable Puppy Water Bottle

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A 12-ounce portable water bottle made especially for your canine on the go, this leak-proof bottle allows you to keep your pup hydrated without having to carry a clunky bowl in your bag. Just push down the button to release water into the attached cup. You’ll never have to worry about your pooch going thirsty again.
Best for: All dog owners should have this water bottle — I cannot recommend this product enough. It’s definitely my favorite out of everything we tested for the Points Pups.
Whistle 3 GPS Tracker
Keep tabs on your pup right from the palm of your hand with this GPS pet tracker that uses wireless technology to monitor your pet anywhere in the country. You’ll be able to track where your pet has been over the course of 24 hours, including their daily activity and rest. It’s a great way to make sure the pet sitter is doing his or her job or, if your pet is traveling with you, that they’re getting the right mix of fitness and relaxation while on vacation. Because the GPS tracker uses cellphone towers for connectivity (OK, so you’re pretty much buying your pet a phone) you’ll have to purchase a monthly plan, available from $7.
Best for: If your dog has a habit of running off (or trying to), this pet tracker can give you peace of mind while traveling. Losing your pet is one of the most stressful and heartbreaking situations a pet owner could face, especially when in an unfamiliar location.
SitStayGo Travel Leash

Thursday January 01, 1970

This 4-in-1 travel leash functions as a leash, water bottle, water tray and feeding tray for your pooch. You can finally forget about packing multiple bowls and leashes, because this travel leash is all you need!
Best for: Pet owners heading out on a long day trip. It’s perfect for activities such as hiking or camping. However, it would not be my everyday leash because it’s a little heavy. It really only makes sense to use this leash when you’re on the go.
DryFur Carrier Insert Pads
These super absorbent carrier pads are a must for long trips in the carrier or crate. Your pet will be able to stay dry and comfortable throughout a flight with a DryFur pad lined along the bottom of their carrier. The pads are disposable and are designed for an easy cleanup. They’re essentially a thicker and more absorbent pee pad, trimmed to dimensions that will fit most carriers.
Best for: Luckily (or unfortunately?) none of the Points Pups peed inside a carrier, so I can’t share a firsthand experience. I’ve received numerous recommendations from pet parents for these carrier pads, however.
Lemonda Space Capsule Bubble Backpack
(Photo courtesy of Amazon.)
As soon as I saw this backpack I knew I had to try it out. The backpack features a hard case with a bubble for your little pet to peep out. It’s ventilated, and you also have the option to swap out the plastic bubble for a mesh piece to add additional ventilation.
Best for: Small, agoraphobic animals. The Points Pups were too big to fit in the carrier, so I tried it out on my 8-pound cat. Let me tell you, he would not recommend this bag. I personally found it comfortable, but he was not a fan. I don’t think many animals would be happy in such a confined space. But if your pet is the exception, perhaps he or she was born to be a space explorer in this shuttle-inspired bag.
Labra First Aid Kit
Treat your pet’s injuries with this 28-piece first aid kit. Perfect for the most adventurous canines and felines, this first aid kit is light and compact, ideal for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The kit includes scissors, tweezers, bandage rolls, alcohol wipes and various other medical care essentials.
Best for: This first aid kit designed with animals in mind is a pretty straightforward travel necessity for anyone who will be partaking in outdoor activities with their pet. Plus, it’s a smart item to have lying around the house, just in case.
The Points Guy Dog Accessories

You wouldn’t leave home without your favorite TPG travel swag, would you? (No, you wouldn’t.) Now, your pet doesn’t have to leave home without their own TPG pet travel gear either. From leashes and collars to portable, pop-up food bowls and bow ties, your pup will be sure to love our TPG dog swag. Right now, travelers can even purchase a Points Pup-approved pet kit for $20.
Best for: Any pet interested in maximizing their travels.
Feature photo by Kait Ebinger for The Points Guy.

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